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sujok Clinic & sujok Therapy

Sujok Clinic is managed by SJT. Sanjay Kinkar and associate SJT. Avinash Bhole.

sJT. Sanjay Kinkar

A science and management graduate from Pune University with rich experience in working Industry in the field of instrumentation engineering. Started working on Sujok from 2011 and has completed all levels of Sujok.

sJT. Avinash Bhole


We are authorised member of International Sujok Association headed by Dr. Park Min Chulwith operating in 63 countries and having recognition as alternate therapy.


our distinguished teachers

Dr. Park Min Chul

Vice President of ISA

ISA has branch Physio therapeutic system known as Sam won dong and Sam won gong. This is an advance training.

Dr. Park Minkyu

Vice President of Russia and Europe

He has given very extensive training on tri origin theory and practical.

Dr. Violetta Nikolaeva

Head of Sujok Academy Mosco

She as given extensive training on theoretical aspects of blood pressure and practical effective treatments for very selected candidates for hypertension.

Dr. Zohar Yagil, Israel

R&D Head of ISA conducted a super speciality training programme on Diabetes management for selected candidates with hands on training of practical patients.

SJT. Ashok Kumar Kothari

Vice President ISA
Basic to Advance

SJT Jignesh Gokani                 

Secretary ISA
Basic to Advance

Dr. Ajay Singh

Secretary Eastern India

Six Ki, symptomatic Six Ki, Advance Tri Origin

There are number of Sujok colleagues who on time to time on need basis had given valuable support for treating critical conditions. ISA 9.

We have completed training on Auricular Therapy by traditional Chinese system and Sujok system.

Continuously updates its members and all teachers give guidance on demand.

About Sujok Therapy

Sujok is the latest treatment modality without oral drugs or medication. Various options for treatment are micro-acupuncture, magnets, colors, seeds, moxa & physiotherapy. Sujok is a complete therapeutic system which treats body and mind. Sujok also has a very powerful physiotherapy system consisting of twist therapy, Song Wong Dong, Song Wong Gong. Comprehensive combination makes it very fast and potent.

This acupuncture system is the next-technological version of traditional Chinese acupuncture. It is all inclusive approach integrates all other such treatment. All the treatments are performed on hand and foot. Hands & Feet act as the remote controls of the human body and organs. 

We specialize in Sujok micro-acupuncture treatment modality.  This micro-acupuncture is performed on upper-layer of the skin.  This system gives direct access to the target organ and / or area of the body through energy channels which bypass blood brain barrier and liver, ensuring the treatment is fast and potent. 


The patient who do not prefer needles are treated with color / magnets / seeds. These treatments are also similarly effective.

We are authorised practitioners of International Sujok Association (ISA). We are also authorised teachers of Sujok. ISA is a worldwide institution, for further details on ISA please visit Presently 63 countries in the world are using Sujok as recognised alternate therapeutic system.